Winter Energy Saving Tips

When summer fades away and fall takes its place, it is time to develop a strategy to save energy. Scheduling seasonal HVAC maintenance in Hinesville, GA helps homeowners save on their fall and winter utility costs. Additionally, by having Liberty Heating & AC Repair perform an energy assessment, Hinesville homeowners are able to save even more money on their annual HVAC energy costs.

Liberty Heating & AC Repair is a highly preferred provider of HVAC services to the Georgia residents living in Hinesville and the surrounding areas. During an energy assessment, a Liberty HVAC technician will analyze the home and the entire HVAC system to provide homeowners with customized energy saving tips. Some of these tips may cost nothing, while other tips may suggest that homeowners invest in materials or energy saving equipment. There are numerous ways to reduce heating and cooling costs. Here are a few of the most common and effective methods:

  • Schedule pre-season HVAC inspections and maintenance tune ups
  • Change or clean filters regularly
  • Locate and seal all drafty windows, doors, and other leaks
  • Adjust temperature settings according to need
  • Use programmable thermostats
  • Install additional insulation where needed
  • Have seasonal duct inspections to prevent leaks
  • Utilize ceiling fans to circulate heat and cool air
  • Invest in energy efficient HVAC equipment
  • Adjust water heater temperatures
  • Install draft and heat blocking curtains and drapes

Each of these energy saving tips have been proven to be effective at lowering annual energy costs. When a homeowner utilizes these energy savers and makes a conscience effort to lower their energy consumption in other areas, the entire world benefits from it. Reducing the amount of energy we consume has a direct effect on the planet we call home.

Taking a stand to preserve our natural resources requires an investment of time and effort. Even the smallest of efforts to save energy will be rewarded with savings on utility bills, and a safer future for our planet. At Liberty Heating & AC Repair, we strive to educate homeowners about saving energy. Since saving energy also saves money, being conscientious about saving energy is a worthwhile cause.

Start this fall and winter season off right by scheduling an energy assessment with Liberty Heating & AC Repair. Liberty is an established and affordable provider of all of the repairs, installations, and other services that are related to heating and AC in Hinesville Georgia. Call Liberty at 912-408-3131 today or for emergency service overnight, and put your residential HVAC needs in the hands of Hinesville’s reputable and reliable HVAC contractor.