Why a Service Contract for Your HVAC System Matters

Some homeowners tend to be reactive when it comes to their home heating and cooling systems. That is, they only call for help when something seems to be wrong. The fact is that many issues can be avoided with preventive maintenance. That’s where a service contract will come in handy.

An Annual Inspection

Most service contracts include an annual inspection that requires a careful check of every part of the system. Along with the main unit, the professional will check the condition of the duct work, the response of the controls, and even how well each feature is functioning. If anything is not as it should be, the professional will report the findings to the homeowner and arrange for the proper Hinesville Georgia AC repair to take place as soon as possible. Depending on the type of repair needed, the work can often be done the same day.

Reduced Charges for Repairs

When the system does need some type of repair, having a service contract in place can help with the cost of the parts and labor. Typically, the terms and provisions of the agreement will entitle the client to a percentage off the current retail price for the parts. Other provisions may also provide free labor for repairs that are not all that difficult and do not take a lot of time to complete. In either scenario, the customer ends up paying a small service fee each month and reaping big benefits if the system does need any type of repair.

For any homeowner who has never considered the idea of a service contract on a home heating and cooling system, talk with a contractor at Liberty Heating and Air Conditioning today. They can assist you with all your Hinesville GA AC repair needs. It will not take long to read through one of the agreements and find plenty of benefits, up to, and including, the price breaks for filters, parts, and labor costs. Keep in mind that only one qualified event during the coverage period will be all it takes to justify the cost of that annual contract.