The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning in Hinesville, GA

There are many things the average homeowner does not know about their home and its HVAC system. One thing that shocks homeowners the most is finding out that the air inside of their home is ranked as one of the leading environmental dangers according to the EPA. Liberty Heating & AC Repair is a premier Hinesville HVAC repair company that improves the quality of indoor air through professional residential air duct cleaning.

According to the American Lung Association and the EPA, the majority of us spend between 60% and 90% of our time inside. Considering the amount of time most people spend inside, improving indoor air should be a priority of all homeowners. This is especially true since the American College of Allergists has stated that up to 20% of all common illnesses are acquired or made worse by breathing polluted indoor air.

Discover Magazine stated that an average sized home with six rooms manages to collect an astounding 40 lbs of dust every year. When HVAC related studies were conducted, it was proven that most indoor air quality issues are the direct result of HVAC equipment and air duct systems. Air ducts harbor nasty illness provokers, such as bacteria and fungi.

Air pollutants affect approximately 21 million people every year. Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) has numerous symptoms that make people very ill. Another frightening illness acquired by breathing contaminated indoor air is the potentially fatal Legionnaire’s Disease, which infects up to 25,000 people each year. Legionnaire’s Disease is often transmitted through air that was pushed through neglected or improperly maintained HVAC systems and cooling towers.

Young children and the elderly are highly susceptible to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) health issues. This makes it even more important to make an effort to improve the quality of indoor air. Liberty Heating & AC Repair offers Hinesville homeowners affordable, high quality duct cleaning services, making it easy to breathe without fear. Liberty uses specialized Rotobrush products to clean and remove the dirt and debris that builds up inside of air ducts.

By scheduling routine duct cleaning, Liberty clients rest easy knowing that their ducts are not blowing contaminated air into their homes. After cleaning ducts, Liberty always sanitizes them with an EPA-recommended anti-microbial fogger, leaving homes fresh and clean.

To schedule an air duct cleaning appointment, or when needing any type of HVAC repair in Hinesville, contact Liberty Heating & Air at 912-408-3131. We also offer emergency services outside of normal business hours if your HVAC system breaks.