The Effect of Ceiling Fan Direction on Energy Efficiency

Many people in Hinesville and many other parts of the country do not know which direction their ceiling fan rotates. If you were asked to guess the direction of rotation of the fan in your house without looking up, what would your answer be? The truth is that a fan can turn in either direction. The setting depends on the environmental conditions. For instance, during the colder months of the year, the fan may be set to rotate in the clockwise direction and vice versa. Most fans come with a switch to change the direction of rotation. Setting the right direction can make the heating or cooling process more efficient, thereby improving the energy efficiency of the system.

Heating Process
When the temperature of air in the house is low, the heating system is automatically switched on. Since warm air is normally lighter than cold air, it rises towards the ceiling. For greater efficiency, this warm air that floats in the upper half of the air column inside the house should be forced to move downwards. To achieve this objective, the ceiling fan should be set to rotate in the clockwise direction. This will blow warm air downwards and sideways, thereby distributing heat evenly around the house. The result will be increased energy efficiency of the system.

Cooling Process
As mentioned earlier, cold air is denser than warm air so it is normally trapped in the lower half of the air column in the house. During the hot summer months, you need this cool air circulating in the house to make you feel cooler and more comfortable. Therefore, the ceiling fan should be set to rotate in the counter-clockwise direction. With this setting, the fan will push air upwards, thereby creating a cool breeze around the house.
It is important to note that ceiling fans cannot cool a room; they only create a cooling effect. To further reduce your energy consumption, be sure to switch off ceiling fans in rooms that are not in use. If your fan is faulty, you can call a Hinesville HVAC repair company to inspect the device and offer a remedy. For AC repair in Hinesville, or to learn more about staying cool this spring and summer, give Liberty Heating and AC a ring soon!