HVAC Air Filters: Top 4 Tips to Clean, Fresh Air

Indoor air pollution is in the top three concerns for health issues with people in homes and offices. One way you can keep your air clean and fresh is by making sure your air filter for your HVAC unit is working properly. There are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that your filter is right for your home, which we have listed below.

Clean Filter

If you want clean and fresh air in your home you need to make sure that your filter is fresh. By changing your filter each month or on a schedule can make sure your home has fresh air. When your filter is clogged it can push the debris and dirt back into your air when air comes through. The filter is made to get those pollutants out of your home but it can cause problems when the filter is old or not properly cleaned. Make sure you have a prominent reminder in your home to change your filter. Set a reminder on your phone or write it on your family calendar. This insures that your home will stay clean and clear when you filter is clean.

Get the right filter

There are many types of filters available. If you have an indoor pet or allergies in the home then there are filters that help minimize those problems. You can easily reduce those pollutants in the air by choosing a filter made just for your issue. There are filter options that help by greatly reducing the pollen or pet dander from getting into your unit. This is helpful for those who suffer from allergies on a regular basis.

Clean the vents

Make sure your vents in the home are clean and dust free. By keeping the dust down it will help the air coming through to be cleaner. Make sure you take the time to clean the intake vent where you filter itself is as well. Dust can gather there and cause it to come through your filter again. These vent cleanings can be done easily with your vacuum cleaner.

Consider an indoor air cleaner

There are air cleaners that you can also install when it comes to keeping the air pure. You can add a media filter or UV lamp into the home to make sure the dust and pollen does not come back through the home. These units help your HVAC filter to do a better job at keeping the indoor air pollutants down and controlled. Be sure you talk with your technician to see what unit would best work for your home.

Don’t forget to change out those filters regularly on your home or office HVAC unit. This is a key step in keeping the indoor air clean and fresh every day. You can protect your family from pet dander, dust and pollen floating around your home. These filters can be purchased at home improvement stores, grocery stores and many other places in town. Remember to always check your filter and find out what best works with your unit.