How to Save Money Using Programmable Thermostats

Over the years, hundreds of studies and experiments have been done to determine how to save money on HVAC operating costs. Nearly every homeowner is seeking tips on how to become more environmentally conscience and save money on their monthly bills. Reducing energy consumption and saving money on HVAC costs is easy to do with a programmable thermostat.

A programmable thermostat offers the opportunity to control temperatures without having to physically change the thermostat settings. To utilize a programmable thermostat, it is important to understand exactly how it is used. Studies have proven that if a specific indoor temperature formula is used daily, a substantial amount can be shaved off of annual utility costs.

Residents that maintain an indoor winter temperature setting of 68◦ while awake, and settings between 53◦ to 58◦ while sleeping or away, will see an average of 5% to 15% savings on their annual heating costs. Likewise, a household that maintains consistent summer temperature settings of 78◦ while residents are at home, and higher settings while they are away, will also see significant savings on utility costs.

Previously, it was thought that drastic changes in thermostat settings would make it difficult for the HVAC system to recover comfortable settings. These beliefs have been proven wrong through numerous studies and experiments. Liberty Heating and AC Repair is a leading HVAC company in Hinesville, GA that offers homeowners an opportunity to learn how to beat the Georgia heat by using programmable thermostats and many other money saving techniques.

Programmable thermostats work great for systems that do not have steam heat, radiant floor heaters, or electric resistance heating devices in them. These types of heating devices require a separate custom programmable thermostat. Using a normal programmable thermostat with any of these devices will likely produce undesirable results.  

Digital thermostats are often preferred over electromechanical programmable thermostats because they offer more programmable features. Digital thermostats offer more setback features, adjustments for time changes, and they have setting override features. Electromechanical thermostats are considered to be easier for some people to operate because they are simplified.

Saving money with a programmable thermostat requires more than just setting temperatures appropriately. A thermostat must be installed and programmed according to the manufacturer recommendations in order for it to be a useful tool in utility savings. Get the most out of your programmable thermostat by contacting Liberty Heating and AC Repair today.