Governors Substantially Increase Energy Efficiency

States have been vital to the American government’s progress towards more economical energy use, a paper recently published by the NGA (National Governors Association) reports. Governors serve a crucial purpose in helping to increase energy efficiency. They have backed measures to help consumers lower their energy costs. Also, they have reduced the amount the state spends on energy and postponed any further investment in power plants. They have made systems more dependable and lowered ecological impacts as well.

Governors have been motivated to advance energy efficiency, because there are several ways that this benefits businesses and citizens. Lower bills is one notable benefit. There are further opportunities for even more significant energy savings, and governors are exploring options at the moment.

The paper mentioned above explains the policies governors have pursued successfully, to make the production of energy more cost effective. Governors have partnered with legislators and regulators to make energy production more economical in numerous ways. For instance, energy planning has been carried out to identify energy saving possibilities, and determine best practices. Governors have made a point of improving energy efficiency rules and standards, with regards to buildings and gadgets. Also, incentivized spending policies for utilities have been adopted, to boost the energy efficiency of businesses, households and industries.

Furthermore, unconventional financing and repayment procedures have been brought in by governors, to attract private investors. The power of information technology has been harnessed, to reduce energy costs for customers and businesses. Also, research and development has been supported, in conjunction with colleges and private companies, to lay the groundwork for future energy saving policies.

The NGA is an impartial organization that represents the nation’s governors. The NGA allows governors to formulate best practices, articulate national policy with one voice, and brainstorm solutions to improve the running of government and further federalist ideals. Established in 1908, the NGA is among Washington’s most revered public policy institutions. Governors from fifty-five states, commonwealths and territories belong to the organization.

Both before the Administration and on Capitol Hill, the NGA fights for the interests of states on important issues. Also, the NGA Best Practices Center develops and implements unique methods to tackle public policy problems. For further details about the work of the NGA Best Practices Center, visit: