Frozen AC Unit? 3 Tips To An Easy Fix

When you are trying to beat the heat the last thing you want to do is deal with a frozen AC unit. It can mean that you are miserable for days until you can figure out what to do with it. Thankfully there are a few things you can do yourself without having to call in the professionals. These three tips can help you to see whether you are able to fix it or if you should call in a professional technician. Try these tips the next time your unit freezes up on you.

Defrost The Unit

Start by turning off your unit and letting it defrost. Ice appearing on the unit can mean there is a blockage somewhere. Turn the unit off for several hours and let the unit dry out for approximately 24 hours. Sometimes you can speed the process of defrosting out by just turning on the fan. Make sure you put a tarp or something underneath the unit so when the ice is defrosting it is not ruining anything around it. Check to make sure there is nothing in front of your unit or around it that could be causing a blockage. After you have defrosted the unit, try turning it back on and seeing how it runs.

Check Your Filters

When was the last time you changed your filter? Some filters only allow air to flow in one direction. When those filters get clogged up solidly it can restrict air flow and cause your AC unit to work improperly. Make sure you are changing your filters on a regular basis. This not only helps your AC work easily it also keeps your air clean and fresh that you are breathing. Those air filters have a multitude of jobs and are a critical part to your AC working like it should. Some filters last for 90 days while others need to be changed every month. Be sure you have a reminder on a calendar or your phone to remind you when it’s time to change them out. These can mean the difference in your AC working and not working.

What’s Your Coolant Level?

When your AC unit freezes up or is not working properly it could be because the units coolant levels are too low. Check to see if your coolant levels are where they should be. If they are not this is the time to call out a professional technician. They can come out recharge the unit and add coolant to see if this works. If you still have a problem there could be a leak and they can help you find it.

These are just a few ways to help you when your AC unit freezes up on you. Remember to make sure the power is turned off to the unit before you are messing with it. This will save you the danger of getting shocked while working with it. Never stick your hand in the unit where the fans are. Always be sure that you know what area you are working on. When in doubt call in a technician to help you find the problem.