Does Your HVAC System Keep Out the Pathogens?

With any air conditioning system, your family’s health is a major concern; after all, we are talking about air that is being circulating throughout a room, and you want to take every measure to ensure that it is a safe atmosphere, or else you’re going to have to call for some emergency service. Nobody likes that.

There is one question that is critical above all others: does your HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system keep out pathogens?

#1 What are Pathogens?

What are pathogens, you might ask? Well, they are germs that may be released with include fungus, virus, mold, bacteria or another infectious agents that could become airborne.

This is not what you want out of your air conditioning system, whether it is central air or otherwise, and it is something for which you are going to want to seek some AC repair, because perhaps an air conditioning replacement would be in order.

#2 Pathogens might make you feel sick.

If you are feeling sick and you believe that it is related to the air conditioner, then by all means act quickly and contact air conditioning repair personnel. Fortunately for the consumer, this problem is not rampant; the systems that are available for the home, by and large, are designed to trap many of the pathogens that can lead to trouble, including mold, spores, dust, bacteria and more.

This is done through the filter, and if you have any particular concern for this, you can contact someone to inspect your air conditioning system.

Any HVAC contractor should be able to ensure that you are getting clean, healthy air. We are an air conditioning contractor certified in HVAC, so do not hesitate to avail yourself of our air conditioning service if you have a concern. We are on hand for 24/7 service and can take care of all of your air conditioning repair needs.