Clean Your Duct Work For Improved Air Quality

Cleaning your duct work can be important to ensuring your home’s overall air quality. Air duct cleaning is relatively inexpensive. Duct cleaning involves cleaning the entire home heating and cooling duct system for indoor air quality. This includes the ductwork, the grilles, registers, condensation drip pans, fan housing, fan motor, and supply and return ducts.

Your home’s air duct system, if not maintained properly, can be a source of contamination that can be detrimental to those with asthma and allergies. Contaminates build up inside the ductwork, including pollen, dust, and other materials that can degrade the quality of your interior air.

Cleaning your duct work is quite important as part of the general maintenance of your HVAC system, it is imperative that you call for an air duct cleaning if you observe visible mold that is growing on any component of your HVAC system, if your duct work has been infested with insects or rodents, or if you notice debris or dust coming from your supply registers when your system is running.

It is nearly impossible to keep all dirt, dust, dander, and contaminates build up inside the ductwork out of your HVAC’s duct system. Nonetheless, there are ways that you can cut down on the amount of contamination that makes its way into your system. As a rule of thumb for cleaning your duct work, regularly changing the filter on your system is a good start. Especially dusting and vacuuming your home regularly using a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is another way to stave off debris and dust entering your duct system.

To ensure indoor air quality, it is important to choose a reputable company when having your ductwork cleaned. This is particularly true if mold growth has been found in the duct system, since the application of chemicals may be required in order to fix the problem. In some states, air duct cleaning companies must hold a special license in order to operate.

Most experts recommend that you have your air ducts cleaned every two years. Cleaning your duct work is an affordable process that can enhance the quality of your indoor air, and is becoming a standardized part of a general home maintenance schedule.