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welcome-hinesvilleWe feel like we are part of the family here in Hinesville, since we have resided on this area for a number of years and have become a part of the fabric of the community. We’ve fought for our country, and we fight for our customers. We are Liberty Heating & Air Conditioning, and we offer more in the way of services than any other HVAC dealer in the region.

We’ve been here since 1999, and our founders are local people who are retired military personnel. We have a major overriding objective when we do business with you, which is to diagnose the problem and come up with a solution. There is no room for excuses. And we will not settle for anything less than to use the best products in the business. In this case, they are from Carrier, and we have developed enough of a reputation with the company to win the coveted factory authorization.

Hinesville GA Heating & Air Conditioning

Products aren’t enough, though. We also use the right people. They are prompt and courteous and treat your problem as if it were their own. If you don’t believe us, we can refer you to many satisfied customers. Like any successful service company, we count on referrals and word of mouth for most of our business, and we always invite feedback, because the way we treat people, we know what kind of feedback that’s going to be.

It really doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, whether it is a brand new air conditioning system, a heating system, a furnace, a heater or anything else that is related to an HVAC matter, we are always the ones you are going to be able to count on in Hinesville and the surrounding area. Give us a call here at Liberty if you have a problem or are thinking about making any changes!