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Fort Stewart Heating and Air Conditioning

If you live near or are stationed in Ft. Stewart, there is a chance that you will need to have your heating or AC system serviced or replaced. When you are trying to fix this this kind of problem you don’t want to deal with a company that only has money on its mind, you want to do business with a company that has YOU in mind first. At Liberty Heating and AC repair our customers really do matter to us, which is why more people choose us to help them with whatever heating or AC issue they may have.

Liberty Heating and AC Repair is locally owned and operated. We’re also a retired military family, and our roots go deep in the Ft. Stewart area. We have a tremendous amount of respect for the men and women stationed at the base, and can promise that our level of service will exceed your expectations. That sentiment goes for all of our customers, military or non-military.

Our staff will never “hard-sell” you any of our products or services. Our job is to work with you to understand the problem that you are having, and find a solution for you at a price that you and your family can afford. Once we’ve determined a solution to your problem, our highly-trained technicians will show up at your door on-time and ready to work.

We’ll work hard for you so that your HVAC is replaced or repaired in a timely manner. That way you can get back to enjoying the comforts of your home at just the right temperature, with a system that runs like it should.


Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance Services in Ft. Stewart

As a resident of Ft. Stewart, Georgia you know how hot it can get in the summer months. We live in a great part of the country, but the South is well-known for its high levels of humidity. To combat those muggy temps, you’re going to need a top-notch AC system in good working order. That is where Liberty Heating and AC Repair comes into play.

We have been servicing Ft. Stewart and its surrounding areas since 1999. As your neighbors, it only makes sense to provide you with the best AC maintenance, installation and repair services found in southern Georgia.

When it comes to the quality of your AC system, we’re concerned about all of the parts that make up your machine. That includes everything from the quality of the air that is circulating throughout your home to the power that is supplied to your system.

An efficient AC unit saves you money in the long run and our team of courteous, professional technicians will ensure that your system is working properly so you aren’t paying outrageous power bills every month.

When you have a new AC system installed, you will get a high quality Carrier unit and also a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the work that we do for you, including maintenance and even emergency maintenance.

Heating Installation and Maintenance Services in Ft. Stewart

When the temperatures in Ft. Stewart start to drop below 50, you know that it’s time to turn up the heat on your thermostat. It’s certainly no fun when you have to deal with a broken or inefficient heating system in the winter, which is why Ft. Stewart residents trust Liberty Heating and AC Repair to take care of any problems they may have with their heater.

If you find that it’s time to ditch your old heating system, give us a call and talk with us about installing a brand new Carrier unit for your home. We’ll offer you the best price point in Ft. Stewart, and guarantee that any maintenance that needs to be done will be completed with precision and efficiency, so you stay warm when it’s cold outside.

One reason why so many folks come recommend Liberty Heating and AC Repair is because we take the time to listen to our customers.  We develop a complete understanding of your home and your heating problem, so that your solution is a long-term one.

We also offer the highest quality products on the market from Carrier. As an authorized Carrier dealer, you can always rest easy knowing that your HVAC system is running at peak performance, day in and day out.

If your HVAC system is failing, call Liberty Heating and AC Repair in Ft. Stewart. As part of the community, you won’t find another company that has your best interests in mind like we do.