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Why a Service Contract for Your HVAC System Matters

Some homeowners tend to be reactive when it comes to their home heating and cooling systems. That is, they only call for help when something seems to be wrong. The fact is that many issues can be avoided with preventive maintenance. That’s where a service contract will come in handy. An Annual Inspection Most service […]


Important HVAC Information in 2015

When you need heating and AC repair in Hinesville, GA, a leading HVAC contractor will offer the expertise and trained technicians to get the job done right. However, there are times when your current HVAC equipment needs replacing, not just maintenance. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of new higher efficiency heating and cooling equipment […]


Winter Energy Saving Tips

When summer fades away and fall takes its place, it is time to develop a strategy to save energy. Scheduling seasonal HVAC maintenance in Hinesville, GA helps homeowners save on their fall and winter utility costs. Additionally, by having Liberty Heating & AC Repair perform an energy assessment, Hinesville homeowners are able to save even […]


Carrier HVAC Systems Explained

We typically spend little time considering the ins and outs of our HVAC systems on a daily basis. It is important that we understand the basic mechanics of these systems, however, so that we can make appropriate choices when the time comes to have repairs made or to replace our HVAC units. Learning about HVAC […]