Air Duct Cleaning Explained

You might take for granted that your home’s heating and cooling system works to keep your home at comfortable temperatures each day. If you are in tune with the needs of your HVAC system, you might change the air filter every couple of months, or per system or filter requirements. What you might not know is that in order to keep the air quality at its best and the dust to a minimum, it is also important to have your air ducts cleaned.

What Does Air Duct Cleaning Involve?

A thorough cleaning of the air ducts in your home will include the cleaning of various parts of your forced air systems. It should include cleaning of:

  • Supply and return air ducts
  • Registers
  • Grilles
  • Diffusers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Heating and cooling coils
  • Condensation drip pans
  • Fan motor
  • Fan housing
  • Air handling unit housing

If all of these parts of an HVAC system are not installed, cleaned, operated and maintained per manufacturer instructions they can become filled and contaminated with debris or particles of dust, pollen and other particulates. This is especially common if you have animals, where pet hair can get in the system, and also if you live in a dry and dusty climate. Add moisture to these particulates and you have a recipe for mold growth and the chanced of spores in the living space of the home. This can cause people living in the home to become very sick. More dust can be created in the home with dirty air ducts and people with allergies will suffer.

Methods of Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning methods can vary by air duct cleaning provider. There are industry standards that need to be followed by any air duct cleaning provider. In general, specialized tools are used to clean or loosen dirt and debris in the system. Then a high suction powered vacuum is used to further dislodge the culprits and remove them.

Air Duct Cleaning in Hinesville, GA

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