5 Tips on how to avoid dust on Air Conditioner and Furnace

Dust is something that every home owner wants to avoid. Dust can cause major health issues as well as make your home appear dirty. It is important to avoid dust in the home if possible, but the major area of the home in which to avoid dust is the air conditioner and furnace. These comfort systems help provide warm and cool air in the home and they do not need to provide dust in the home. however, these units can make the air dusty if the units are not maintained. Below are a few tips avoid dust on both the AC and Furnace.


Of course, a great way to keep the air clean of dust is cleaning. It is best to clean your home on a regular basis, including sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. Dust should be removed carefully from knick knacks as well as larger items in the home. dust can build up and cause major health issues, especially if anyone in the home is allergic to dust.


Most home owners have blinds in their home that are used to block out light and provide privacy in the home. blinds can become covered in dust fairly quickly and when your heating or cooling system kicks on, the dust can be moved around the home. this can be a health hazard that should be avoided. Take the time to clean your blinds on a regular basis. Wooden, metal and plastic blinds are easy to clean. Simply use a microfiber cloth on a regular basis.


It is also important to have a 40% to 50% humidity level in the home. This level will keep the static in your home low which is best for dust. A high static level will attract dust and make dust harder to remove from the home. a humidifier can be used in the home to change the humidity level.

Air Filters

A very important feature of the heating and cooling system is the filtering system. Home owners should use efficient filters to keep the home free of dust and other particles. Cheap filters should be avoided so that the maximum amount of dust is removed from the home. Be sure to remove dirty filters on a regular basis and change out the filters so that they can operate efficiently. Filters should be replaced at least one a month to ensure clean air as well as your unit remains operational.